Desperately searching for a pair of size 4 wellingtons

Ask any Capetonian about the weather and he or she will (no doubt) ramble endlessly about the horrid rains that plague the Cape during the winter months.  As if the rain itself isn’t bad enough, the roaring wind will banish anyone’s thoughts of using a feeble umbrella as a shield, because it will be flipped inside out in 10 seconds.  Of course, a raincoat is out of the question as well because at varsity, wearing a neon-pink Hello Kitty raincoat is synonymous to social suicide.  (Unless you’re a proud member of the BA squad – which I am not – dressing up in anything with a weirdness level of 3+ constitutes as a faux pas.)

However, getting my clothes and hair wet isn’t my main concern.  The shoes are what I am worried about.  As an economically disadvantaged (read: a step above “poor”) student with many expenses, I only have 1 pair of takkies (or if you prefer to Americanise everything, it’s “sneakers”) that are not very water resistant.  Basically, if it rains 2 days in a row, then I’m screwed because it takes +/- 2 days for the takkies to dry.  This is where wellingtons come in.  They are (in my opinion) awesome – not for their great aesthetic outlook, but for their practicalities.  A pair of rubber boots is just what I need to see me through these cold rainy months.  In a city like Cape Town, you’d think the shops would be stocked with wellingtons-all-sorts.  But, alas!  I went to all the shoe shops in Cavendish (FTR: I looked for them in Kimberley as well, but I soon realised that searching for rain boots in a city that never rains is rather futile.) and only Woolworths had a couple of pairs of over-sized wellingtons left over.

Apparently, Pick ‘n Pay clothing in Canal Walk sells them, but:

1. I don’t have a car.

2. I’m too poor to get a cab to take me to Canal Walk.

3. I’m scared to ride such a long distance in a black taxi.

So, if anyone knows of a place in Obs, Claremont or Rondebosch that has size 4 wellingtons, please let me know, and I will forever be in your debt. =]

In unrelated news: A friend asked me to join his stock market game, so if you have any tips on which shares to invest in, give me a shout.