FML: a simple, three lettered acronym that became popularized not so long ago. I’ve never used it to describe my life/situation because I feel it should be reserved for something serious, like cancer or male pattern baldness. Luckily I don’t have either of those. I get a little judgmental when I see people complain about a generic first-world problem and then say “FML”. It makes me want to yell at them and go “Hello?! Stop yapping about your BBMs not delivering – at least you have a smart-phone (albeit a very shitty one). I’m still stuck here with a 4 year old Samsung that’s become a favourite amongst beggars… you don’t see me go ‘FML’ all the time.” — The point is, even with all the random craziness that goes on in my life (such as my flatmate throwing cat litter in the toilet and then in the bathtub) life is still pretty sweet in general. It’s when too many things go wrong all at once that makes me feel deflated and dejected enough to say “FML”.

A couple of days ago, I went for a vitamin B injection because I’d been feeling really tired. The injection gave me a nice energy boost; unfortunately, it also gave me an allergic reaction. Apparently, I’m one of those “rare” cases who develop hive-like rashes upon receiving a vitamin B injection – most people take vitamin B to stop their rash from appearing. Go figure. I have never been allergic to anything before this, so it came as a nasty surprise. My exams start next week and I am freaking out. It’s pretty difficult to study when I’m scratching myself to death, and it would really suck if I have to repeat my honours year. — Anyways, to combat the itchiness, I’ve gone back to taking antihistamines. They help to a certain degree, except they also make me sleepy which is bloody ironic because sleepiness was the reason I went for the vit B injection in the first place.

Between visits to the nurse, waiting for the nurse, visits to the chemist, and time spent dozing away, I have now arrived at the same point where I started, plus the rash minus the cash. Fantastic. If I fail the year, I think I might have to go eat a puppy, or something.

I don't know what that pink gooey stuff is but it looks gross.


Edit: Just my luck. Still 2 exams left and my filling decides not to stay attached to my molar anymore. Sigh.