How Disastrous

Today, I had my first tutorial where I didn’t have to play the part of a lost soul huddling in front of her notes, pretending to listen intently at the tutor. Today, /I/ was the tutor and I couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous. I had never tutored before, and I’d always been a little shy speaking in front of people. I don’t regard myself as a good teacher; I often struggle to convey a point across to someone who, more likely than not, function on a different wave length. Nevertheless, I wanted the money and it was something nice to put on my CV. Plus, Pastel is probably one of the easiest courses to tutor – what could possibly go wrong?

The session started off quite well. Everyone was on track and aside from a few glitches, nothing terrible went amiss. Unfortunately, that state of equilibrium was horribly disrupted half way through the 2 hour session: The lab was booked by another course, and we had to vacate the venue. Computer labs are scarce resources at UCT, and you generally have to book months in advance to secure a lab. Needless to say, there weren’t any available. The course convener eventually managed to get a lab (she nicely asked the postgrad students working there to join another lab) and 15 minutes later, everyone migrated to the new lab.

The backup/restore procedures took quite some time (mostly because the restore procedure was only meant to be covered next week); luckily the head tutor was around to help out. In the end, everyone managed to complete the tutorial (thank goodness) but the venue issue has yet to be resolved.

In other (totally unrelated) news: Did you know you could transfer property from a company/trust to a natural person without incurring any tax, as long as you did it before the end of 2012 and provided that you liquidate/dissolve the company/trust afterwards? The reason why you may want to do this is natural persons can get a R1.5 million exclusion on any capital gains/losses incurred on the disposition of a primary resident; but companies and trusts don’t get that exclusion. Furthermore, if a company/trust disposes such property, they would have to pay STC and transfer duty on top of the capital gains tax. That’s a lot of taxes!