Core Skills 2 – The Shabeen

Day two started with an early 6am wake up call. Bianca and I leisurely made our way to the breakfast tent. I immediately began piling my plate with food: eggs, bacon, sausages, STEAK, grilled tomatoes, croissant, fruits… It’s funny how I would rather shift into a state of disutility than forgo the free food.

Training commenced at 8am sharp. I won’t bore you with the details but I just need to highlight a couple of things:

1. They put Akon’s “Oh Africa” song on loop; which, in my opinion, was not something that withstood repetition.

2. We received cute little invitations to the night’s function. (Aww) It was a key ring with a squishy hat attached that could be used as a stress-ball. I thought it was pretty cool.

After lunch, we were tasked with some team building exercises. The prize for the winning team was a helicopter flip, so the stakes were veritably high. My team’s coordination and communication were dreadful, and so we only managed to do half the activities. We still had immense fun though.

Wes on the bike – riding blind-folded was NOT easy. In fact, one couple actually flipped on theirs… luckily they weren’t seriously injured.

George loading the air rifle gun for our facilitator, Simon

Harder than it looks. There were teams spinning around in circles.

We didn’t get time to do the archery because my team decided to split up and “book” our spot – apparently that wasn’t allowed so another team came and took our place :(

The bucket challenge

Dinner that night was at the Shabeen. The decor was, once again, spectacular. The events planning company really out-done themselves.

A night of splendour, spontaneity, and surprise.

Delicious, decadent, delightful. Once again, I ate like a pig :/

The best thing about the Shabeen is that they are fully stocked on quartzes. Of course, some bright spark just had to suggest drinking from a wellington. The boot went around a fair bit before being discarded ;)

Right before core skills, I accidentally emailed everyone on the mailing list. So, the Bloem folks decided to have a bet to see who could find me first. There were only 3 Asian girls there so finding the right “Amy” wasn’t hard. At some point during the night, they all came up to me and asked for photos :p

We left at about midnight, got back to our rooms, and carried on drinking. By the time I crawled into bed, I was so exhausted that I immediately fell into a deep sleep.

(To be continued)

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Here’s the music video of the song we all grew to hate by the end of the week ;)