I listen to the sound of Silence
Scream inside my head
Faulty wires spark,
Cutting at life’s thin thread
A broken fuse ignites
The hatred within my soul
And in the darkness of the night
My hunger embraces the Cold.
Moving closer
Towards the threshold of Insanity,
I’m slowly decomposing…
No longer my own referee.
Staring into the eyes of deceit
I see Loneliness’s reflection,
Clouded by a green-eyed Jealousy,
Bring Love’s sweet extinction.

The Magic of Being You

//I just feel like sharing this, so here it is. Even though the subject is a girl, I swear I have no lesbian tendencies! I can’t even remember why I wrote this in the first place =/ It was *ages* ago.

If stars could tender speak,
Your name they’d softly call
Their voices nectar sweet,
Their passion pure and raw.
Leaving the Night behind,
From skies they’d gladly fall
One by two by three,
Gathering at your door.

Against your charms
The Moon hides itself in shame
For even the greatest
Will have nothing to proclaim.
As time unwinds
More bodies you inflame,
A touch of your sweet lips
And the whisper of your name.

All the Kings’ jewels cannot replace
The magic sparkle in your eyes.
Like a rainbow
They have the power to mesmerize.
So delicate and soft
You move with the grace of a butterfly –
Beyond the boundaries,
Gravity, you’re able to defy.

Your infinite allure
Cannot wither or stale.
Jealous be to the Gods
For their beauty you make pale.
Towards your horizon
Men hopelessly sail,
If only to catch a glimpse
Of your heavenly detail.

Even Angels would
Have their celestial wings torn,
To be fallen from Grace
And upon the earth reborn.
Uncaring of God’s wrath
Or Devil’s horn
They just want to be at your side,
They forsworn.

Mere mortals cannot withstand
The forces of your power.
You, who can seize the world in a hand
And change infinity to an hour.

Eternal Dreaming

The clock ticks as grief binds with thy despair
Amongst the shadows, scattered breaths hold still
Waiting patiently for Death to declare
A cease to this quivering midnight chill.

Through the passing of time, memories will fade
Sharp stabbings of pain will dull to an ache
The future is fixed, Destiny is made
What’s dead, is dead; its Death cannot awake.

So wipe the sorrow running down your face
Like tears of acid – feeding off your soul
Robbing you of Love’s eternal embrace
Replacing your heart with a blackened hole.

Bells in heaven sound, angels are singing;
Preparing for your eternal dreaming.


Exams are coming up pretty soon so I won’t have time to write much. (Well, actually they are still a month and a half away but it feels like they are just around the corner!) Instead of putting the blog on hiatus, I thought I’d post some of the poems I had written in the past. This one’s titled: The Real Me

If you really knew me, you would know
That the smile I have is just for show.
Plastered on a porcelain face,
Is a facade none could ever trace.

If you really heard me, you would hear
The hidden thoughts, the untold fears.
And how I wish your hand would
Brush away my invisible tears.

If you really saw me, you would see
That underneath the surface
Lies a temper more tempestuous
Than a lover’s green-eyed jealousy.

If you really felt me, you would feel
A touch of more than what is real.
I’ve an emptiness only you can fill,
But you never do, and you never will.

Notice me

Every weekday at 4pm, I gravitate
Toward my usual place. Ignoring the chit-chat,
My eyes sweep across the hall and hesitate
On a mop of blonde and two pools of grey.
Mesmerized, unable to pull away,
I’m drawn like moths to a dancing flame.
Please don’t notice my staring, I silently pray.
It’s rude, I know, I can’t help but feel this way.
Desperate for distraction, I diddle my gaze downward
At the pile of scrawly notes; but instead, I just see
His beautiful face brushing against the calligraphy.
And there he is again… not noticing me.
The clock strikes quarter to six
He’s always one of the first to leave.
Before I could get his attention, he was gone.
And it takes me a moment
Or two
Or three
To realize: He will never notice me.


My fortunes I have counted, and they’re great –
Better than most I undoubtedly rate.
Then why must unhappiness follow me so?
Why do I silently curse my fate?

Family and friends, they love me plenty.
But what of that? My heart is still empty.
When did I lose myself? When did I fall
Into the black pits of insanity?

My craziness, though subtle, is there
Can they see it? Do they bother to care?
Loneliness has always been a friend –
Not anymore. It has left me in despair.

Nobody sees the depth of my sorrow.
Outside it’s all smiles, inside I’m hollow.
I live each day contemplating the joys
Of there not being another tomorrow.

I look at the self destructing weapon and sigh.
First cut’s the hardest – do I dare to try?
I submit to the hands of chance and wonder
Will the giver of life run or let dry?