Pics from the Garden Route

I can't remember the name of this reserve but it was just outside Knysna

Lagoon in Knysna

river mouth

If Moses was a short Asian female, he would look like this

and my dad's elbow

I lured him with a packet of chips


So cute :3






































Click to enlarge.

I obviously suck at layouts.

Yes, some of these are blurry – I have a shit camera.





Can you spot the gibbon?


Look closely and you can see its blue balls


Trekking the forest in flip flops is not a good idea...

More pics

Cousin & I & my “Harry Potter” glasses

Another pair:

A night’s view:

And another:

My bday :)

You’re probably wondering what this is. Well, it’s a completely self-automated robotic cooker with a bunch of pre-programmed recipes… and it really is quite tasty! I’ve always dreamed of the days where chop sueys can cook themselves =D