Pressure of the peerest kind.

They say university is the best years of one’s life. The freedom to do whatever one wants with minimal responsibility and parental guidance is definitely a rare opportunity worth guarding. But the eagar-to-have-fun souls never mentioned one key factor in all the midnight escapades: peer pressure.

I have experienced it in highschool, but it was never at such a magnitude or frequency. ‘Going out’ was perhaps a monthly tradition, not a daily one. It never went past the 12 o’clock curfew, and the consumption of alcohol was never over-indulged. But all of that changed when we crossed the threshold from highschool to university.

I always believed I was strong enough to resist such persistence from my friends, and in all fairness, I was doing pretty well…until the second semester. I broke various rules which I set out for myself, one of which was to never go out on a week night. Boy, did I regret it the next day, when I walked around campus like a zombie. (Going to bed at 2 am tends to have that effect.)

I guess it all comes to this question: Is it still a good thing, when it is transpired by something bad?