The Trip to CT

The bad news: It arrived 2 hours late, so instead of leaving at 21:55, it left at 23:55 instead.

The good news: None of the passengers displayed pig-flu symptoms.

The bad news: They were like pigs instead.

The Game

Right after I landed in Cape Town, myself, 5 friends and 13 friends-of-friends headed out to Imhoff farm for an afternoon of paintball.  It took us a while to find the place, and after an hour’s travel, we finally made it to the farm. The gear was a bit icky but we pulled on the sweaty jackets and helmets anyways and got ready for some action.  There was another group of kiddies there whom we had to team up with.  Despite their smallness, they were quite agile and some of them played better we did.  Since it was my first time paintballing, I decided to stay back and play defence.  In the end, I was shot about 7 times (mostly on my legs) and was surprised at how quickly the ammo finished.  After 5 games, we’ve finally had enough.  Bruised and drenched with sweat, we made our way back to res just in time for supper.  It was my first meal in 24 hours and never had res food tasted so good!

First day of lectures

Introductory lectures were boring as usual, and a complete waste of time. However it was nice seeing my friends after 6 weeks of vacation. The University still looked the same, and so did the Gucci-wearing Commerce girls dressed in tank tops and mini-skirts (Yep, in this weather!). Oh, and I finally finished unpacking all my junk. =]