The List

I have a list. A list of all the qualities I look for in a boyfriend. In recent months, I’ve compromised it quite a bit. I got sick of people accusing me of being picky and decided to take on a “why not?” approach. They all start off great. Full of promise. But sooner or later, the happiness fades and I am painfully reminded of why I have a list in the first place.

It’s not enough to have love and passion. They fuel the beginning but it is dedication and compatibility that carry a relationship through. Take the cater-waiter for example. Sure, he was good looking but it didn’t take me long to realize we had nothing in common. He had no ambition, no future career prospects. He spoke about music and art, of which I had little interest. His most recent achievement was getting the best waiter award at his catering company. Lesson #1: It’s not about looks. He must be nerdy.

Then there was the smoker. He never lit up in my presence but the stench remained. Kissing a smoker was not pleasant… especially a plus-sized one. While it was purely a lifestyle choice and not a reflection on the caliber of the individual, I do feel quite strongly about taking care of one’s health. Lesson #2: Non-smokers only. Flabby bits are discouraged too.

The most recent one was the closest to the list, yet he was also the furthest. Driving 40km to see him was a mission and eventually it dwindled down to meeting once every 2 or 3 weeks. Having someone I can’t be with is worse than not having anyone at all. Lesson #3: Must live within a 20km radius and be willing to spend time with me.

The next person who teases me about my list will be ignored. It’s there for a reason and I should have stuck to it from the beginning.

10 things about 10 people

One of my favourite pastimes is making lists. Every once in a while, the list turns out to be completely random and arbitrary. One day, out of boredom, I decided to make a list about 10 people I know, without mentioning their names. If you know me, then you might just feature on this list. (=

1. I can’t remember how we started talking, but I’m glad we did. You are the most awesome guy ever [: You’re funny, smart, patient, and super nice. I love how we can talk for ages about everything, and never have a moment of awkwardness where neither of us knows what to say. Even though your longish hairstyle is a bit dubious, I still love you lots like jelly tots ^__^. I hope we can meet one day, and play chess + shots. xD

2. You are the craziest, most random chick ever! You always make me laugh with your never-ending stories. There is never a moment of silence when I’m with you, because you always find something ridiculous to say. “That guy had his throat cut…” hmm. Okay! I’m really going to miss you next year when you become a Rodent ):

3. Of all the people I’ve met on the interwebs, I think I’ve known you the longest. It’s always nice to find someone who’s as interested in the Chinese culture as you are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you get really mad. You always treat people with respect, and kindness. You’re such a softie ^__^. It’s a pity that we don’t talk a lot. I know you’re going through a rough patch right now. Hopefully everything will get better soon. I’ll always be here if you ever need someone to talk to. (:

4. We don’t always talk at school, nor do we see each other after school. Nevertheless, I just want you to know that you are one of the bestest friends a girl can ever ask for! You are never mean, and you like putting others before you. I really enjoy our rare trips to the movies, and the girlish hangouts. We should definitely keep in touch next year. [:

5. I think you are possibly the most complex teenager I’ve come across. I generally read people well, but you just confuse the hell out of me. No doubt you’re smart, but the smartess is being misguided. You troll, and you hurt people. Is it just for the attention? Do you do hateful things because it’s your way of dealing with your insecurities? Do you lie because it has simply become who you are? I hope it’s just a phase that will pass as you mature.

6. You frustrate me immensely at times. Maybe it’s because we’re so alike. We probably won’t see each other much from now on, but I hope you keep your weird sense of humour for ever and ever! Your random sayings of wit always keep the class entertained. Remember how we used to compete in Com Sci? And how annoyed you get everytime we score the same marks? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Once you start your little IT course at Rhodes, you’ll be able kick my ass in every computer-related department! But I’ll still be richer than you. HA!

7. Your popularity never cease to amaze me!! I guess you’re just the kind of person that will always be everyone’s favourite. I remember how you lied to me once. Funny that we still talk to each other. Once upon a time, I thought this was just your plot to get everyone to like you. Now, I’m starting to think this is just the way you are.

8. I used to like you…until you jumped on the trolling wagon and became a dick head. Now you just make me want to throw up all over your shoelace.

9. I’ve only known you for a couple of weeks, but you have already made a big impression on me. (Of course, your damn good looks played a big part lol) I’m glad we started talking because you’re awesome foursome. We should meet up sometime. =^_^=

10. Ahhhhh yes. The only person who has DOS’d me not once…but twice! Is it all for the lulz? I don’t buy it. You are very…worldly. It’s a little frightening to see how correct you are in your judgements/assumptions. You don’t really know me, yet you know all about me. You see things most people wouldn’t (or couldn’t) see. You are probably the most dangerous of all.