Inflation and starvation

Recent months saw food prices hike through the roof – quite literally. Inflation has taken its toll on individuals and households, and Royal Sechaba (the residence caterer) is no exception. Mere weeks after promises of a better menu, the foodstuffs took a drastic turn for the worst. It appears as if the Royal Sechaba people maximized on their eating utensils (plastic spoons in particular) and minimized on their portions.

Last semester:
Dinner – 4 reasonably sized chicken wings
It has now down-graded to 3 scrawny ones.

Breakfast – The cheese and croissant unfortunately parted, leaving dearest cheese in the dust.

I always looked forward to Sunday breakfast, because of the 2 rations of bacon, sausage and egg. Imagine my shock when I walked into the dining and discovered ½ a ration of bacon of which ½ of the ½ was fat! Oh, and the missing sausage was rather depressing too. Although they did compensate rather poorly with an extra slice of grilled tomato.

How they expect us to survive on such ridiculousness is beyond fathom.

chicken wings