Addicted to Gossip

I just finished watching the last episode of Gossip Girl and can I just say AahhhhhhMiGawd! That was definitely the most addictive, scandalous, hot, suspenseful, heart warming series ever filmed. The network of rich and famous™ has kept me awake for many nights on end to the point where I lied in my bed and watched 4 episodes straight. Ever since my first encounter with GG, I have introduced it to several of my friends and needless to say, they’ve all been hooked. NO one can resist S’s scintillating smile, B’s bitch fits, C’s conniving schemes, J’s joyous personality, and last but not least, N’s nostalgic good looks.

Now that the season is over, I can go back to my studies and slowly anticipate the arrivial of v2.0 plus all its Gossip™. As K says it best, we’ll be waiting. xoxo.