One down, three to go

Today was the day in which I wrote my first university exam. And as luck would have it, it was economics – my worst subject by far. My barely 60 semester mark gave cause for some serious concerns just hours prior to the exam. Have I studied enough? Will my procrastination finally come back to bite me in the ass? Questions kept on pondering my energy depleted brain. The nerves began to pile up and my Tai chi breathing skills are starting to lose their magic element.

The exam venue filled with hundreds of chairs looked exceptionally daunting . “It’s just the sports centre” I told myself, but it was no use. The enormity of what was about to happen finally hit me. If I don’t get a 70, I will probably lose out on the scholarship I so desperately need for next year. My parents will probably deliver an overnight disappointment speech while I alone, wallow in my sorrow.

The paper itself was all right. We had to cancel a million multiple choice questions due to a lack of vigilant proofing. However, I was not complaining. My timing was pretty standard as I managed to finish the paper with 10 minutes to spare. The only thing left now is waiting for the results to be published.

The trip back to Roch was something of a nightmare. The shuttle took exactly 35 min. to arrive, and to my dismay, it was the white claustrophobic shuttle instead of the normal blue one. As to be expected, roughly 10 minutes into the ride, I had an overwhelming urge to throw up all over the poor sod sitting next to me. But luckily, I managed to hold back and saved myself an embarassing display of public humiliation.

All in all, it was a day which I survived without obtaining any battle scars. Hopefully the next 3 will be just as uneventful as this one.