I generally don’t pay much attention to coincidences. I don’t over analyze them in the hopes of gathering some deep, meaningful message that will make me a better person, or whatever. BUT! I came across something that’s just too funny to ignore.

If you’ve been following my blog somewhat religiously, then you would’ve encountered many instances where I ramble, complain, despair at “the bf” situation. Apparently, people just can’t understand why I want a computer geek boyfriend.

One of the first things I do is scroll through my RSS feed every morning and read the comics. Dilbert is one of my favourite. It encapsulates many of my interests: Accounting, economics, human behaviour and computers. What I love about today’s Dilbert is that it addresses something close to my heart. That it’s posted on my birthday is cause for much amusement.

I realize the comic is taking a jab at how ridiculous it is to have “be a dork” as a romantic preference. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Ok, maybe having a Star Wars chess set or knowing how to speak Elven is going too far – although I’m pretty sure most dorks aren’t as extreme as that – but is it really such a terrible idea to want someone who: 1) has a nice earning potential 2) can offer me free technical support and 3) isn’t a douche-bag fifty percent of the time?