One hell of a ride
subtitled: Bum gone numb

Friday the 13th is superstitiously bad for the superstitious. Good thing I’m not superstitiously inclined to be superstitious. At 11 am sharp, I happily boarded the bus at the Cape Town station, and promptly began my dream about Home Sweet Home™.

The City to City bus left almost 30 min. after its scheduled departure time, but I was in too good a mood to be fathomed by their lack of synchronization. Nevertheless, the first 4 hours of the trip was uneventful, save for the woman who had to make an emergency stop to relieve her bladder in the middle of the field. Her relieved expression afterwards was rather amusing. Too bad I left my camera in my suitcase. A perfect photo opportunity went down the drain. *sigh*

The heart-stopping event happened when we stopping at the Shell Ultra City for a 20 min. break. The always-food-deprived me went straight to Steers and ordered a bacon and egg sandwich. What was unexpected was the fact that the sandwich took forever to make. So I waited, and waited. 5 Minutes, 10, 15. Still no sandwich. But by the end of the 15 min. the bus had disappeared too. *gasp* So I ran as fleet as the wind, desperately seeking for the 20 tonne bus, but to no avail. What made the situation worse was that I left my cell phone on the bus. Eeeeeeeek.

Stressing on an empty stomache is never a good idea. So I rushed back to Steers and the lady in waiting finally delivered my food. Just as I was about to take a bite, I saw a bus. A BUS! But not just any bus…it was my bus! I could barely believe what my peripheral vision was seeing. It turned out, the dude who was sitting next to me on the bus noticed my absence and told the driver to turn back. *whew*

The rest of the trip became exceedingly boring. Sitting in the same position for 12 hours took its toll on my poor buttocks. 7 hours into the journey, they had gone tingly. 10 hours and they’d gone numb. 12 hours and I could barely stand. I truly thought I was going out of my mind. Whilst I’m still debating the status of my sanity, one thing if for certain: the return trip will be one hell of a ride.