Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Armed with a box of Tinkies and cuppacino mousse chocolate, I (+2) slumped on my bed, ready to embark on a journey of winner winner, chicken dinner. If you’re still wondering what the heck I’m talking about, allow me to be more succinct. Last night, I had my first encounter with the art of counting cards in the popular game of blackjack, aka 21. I think I might be blinded by its pure awesomeness.

The firm starred the hot dude from Across the Universe TM and the hot chick from Superman Returns TM. Apart from the gorgeous eye-candy, the film was one of the more mentally stimulating releases I’ve seen in a long time. Based on real-life experiences, 21 is about a team of blackjack players from MIT and their plot to race the Vegas strip and bag millions of dollars. Their technique of card counting and signals is nothing short of ingenious, because unlike most devious plans, this one is legal. (To bad legality never stopped security chiefs from beating the pulp out of card counters.)

However, nothing is fool proof, or shall I say, ‘greed proof’. Without wanting to reveal too much of the spoilers, I suggest you [readers] get yourselves a copy of 21, and feel the rush of winner winner, chicken dinner.