The List

I have a list. A list of all the qualities I look for in a boyfriend. In recent months, I’ve compromised it quite a bit. I got sick of people accusing me of being picky and decided to take on a “why not?” approach. They all start off great. Full of promise. But sooner or later, the happiness fades and I am painfully reminded of why I have a list in the first place.

It’s not enough to have love and passion. They fuel the beginning but it is dedication and compatibility that carry a relationship through. Take the cater-waiter for example. Sure, he was good looking but it didn’t take me long to realize we had nothing in common. He had no ambition, no future career prospects. He spoke about music and art, of which I had little interest. His most recent achievement was getting the best waiter award at his catering company. Lesson #1: It’s not about looks. He must be nerdy.

Then there was the smoker. He never lit up in my presence but the stench remained. Kissing a smoker was not pleasant… especially a plus-sized one. While it was purely a lifestyle choice and not a reflection on the caliber of the individual, I do feel quite strongly about taking care of one’s health. Lesson #2: Non-smokers only. Flabby bits are discouraged too.

The most recent one was the closest to the list, yet he was also the furthest. Driving 40km to see him was a mission and eventually it dwindled down to meeting once every 2 or 3 weeks. Having someone I can’t be with is worse than not having anyone at all. Lesson #3: Must live within a 20km radius and be willing to spend time with me.

The next person who teases me about my list will be ignored. It’s there for a reason and I should have stuck to it from the beginning.


I generally don’t pay much attention to coincidences. I don’t over analyze them in the hopes of gathering some deep, meaningful message that will make me a better person, or whatever. BUT! I came across something that’s just too funny to ignore.

If you’ve been following my blog somewhat religiously, then you would’ve encountered many instances where I ramble, complain, despair at “the bf” situation. Apparently, people just can’t understand why I want a computer geek boyfriend.

One of the first things I do is scroll through my RSS feed every morning and read the comics. Dilbert is one of my favourite. It encapsulates many of my interests: Accounting, economics, human behaviour and computers. What I love about today’s Dilbert is that it addresses something close to my heart. That it’s posted on my birthday is cause for much amusement.

I realize the comic is taking a jab at how ridiculous it is to have “be a dork” as a romantic preference. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Ok, maybe having a Star Wars chess set or knowing how to speak Elven is going too far – although I’m pretty sure most dorks aren’t as extreme as that – but is it really such a terrible idea to want someone who: 1) has a nice earning potential 2) can offer me free technical support and 3) isn’t a douche-bag fifty percent of the time?