BEP Day 2

It started off as a pretty chilled day with a series of talks from the various departments within Ernst & Young. Some interesting pointers to note:

The IT Department:
– A place where the computer geeks congregate and their services include (but are not limited to): free technical support and the occasional provision of eye-candy.
– Headed by a CA (currently a woman), so my dream of dominating a group of Linux geeks with a 150 wpm may not be too unrealistic after all.

The Forensics Department:

– Pretty similar to the Audit Department, with the exception of running the risk of having your front door ripped off and your laptop stolen while you are sleeping because the syndicates you are auditing feel threatened by your work. (True story).
– Oh and you get to work with real ex-law enforcements.
– Not as cool as C.S.I. They probably don’t wear high-heels while running down a deserted alley. (Not quite sure if that’s an actual scene from the series because I’ve never actually watched it, but it seems like a pretty generic fit.)

The Tax Department
– Tax has always been one of my favourite courses, mostly due to the fact that I want to be able to cash in on as many loop holes in the Act as I possibly can. The talk was fairly interesting but was far too broad to be value-adding.
– The team consists of lawyers… Worst. Nightmare. Ever.
– Ok, lawyers aren’t that bad… as long as they’re not talking.

After lunch, we were put into teams for The Amazing Race: E&Y. Our tasks included (amongst others):
– Sing the national anthem with a street-vendor (the clue said anybody in rags but we figured street vendors were more accommodating than a homeless person)
– Buy a rose, go on one knee and propose to a random person (I was rejected twice :'()
– Go to Company Gardens and feed peanuts to squirrels
– Take a picture in front of a Simpsons statue
– Buy a gift from Green Market Square
– Eat an ice-cream from McDonald’s

It was a fun, exhausting, exciting day. Even though my team came second (and missed out on a big prize) I still enjoyed every second of it.

P.S. Lunch was AMAZING!