Sleepless in CT

Ever since I came to CT, my sleeping patterns have been in disarray. The absence of parental guidence gives me free reign over what I do and when I sleep. No more curfews and ridiculous bed times. (Believe it or not, I used to sleep at 10pm in my good ol’ school days.) ‘Burning the mid-night LCD screen’ has become a norm. Over-night parties are no longer rare occurances. Although to be fair, I am still a n00b in comparison to my eccentric friends. [lulz]

My grades have taken a drastic rollercoaster dive. I am barely passing my ecos, and watching entire season of Heroes and Gossip Girl in one day didn’t help my cause either. My interweb addiction took a turn for the worst early this morning when I stayed up until 3am chatting on IRC. Even as I am typing this blog post, I am wasting valuable study time.

Before I came to university, I never believed myself to be a ‘statistic’. Sadly, it seems as if I’m heading straight down the road of over-achievers-turned-dropouts. And there is no one to blame but myself.