Why I need a computer geek boyfriend

For the past week or so, I’ve been battling to resolve a particular computer-related problem. Long story short, there was a fora that I could connect to from home (in Kimberley) but not when I’m in Cape Town. I know the site is working as I could use a proxy server to connect to it, but proxy servers generally don’t have Java enabled, and I need Java for that site.

Anyways, I phoned my ISP and their tech-support didn’t know what was wrong (no surprise there). I could ping and tracert it but i just couldn’t access it from a browser. I asked the geeks on IRC and they couldn’t give me a workable solution either. I googled around a bit and went as far as to spoof my MAC address, hoping it would help… (I think the problem lied with my IP being blocked by the server?)

Eventually, after numerous laments on almost every channel I idled in, my friend gr3y came up with an answer. He helped me set up a SOCKS proxy so now I’m tunneling all the traffic via an US based server, and it worked!!! <3 him to bits.