10 things.

|| If I’d the power to cheat time sweet time,

I’d use it to make reality sublime.

Would it be unfair, would it be a crime

to want you in this little heart of mine? ||


1.  I love it when you sms me.  I scroll through my inbox and re-read the messages several times a day.

2.  Thinking about you brings a smile to my face.

3.  I love how the conversations never get boring.

4.  I like damaged people because I like the idea of being the one to fix them…But I don’t know if I can fix you.  Maybe you’re just too broken to be mended.

5.  You’re a smart guy with a great earning potential :P  Too often, too shy. But we can remedy that – with a bottle of whiskey! (Can’t do anything about the tallness though :-)

6.  You’re sweet, kind and caring.

7.  And hot.

8.  A little weird at times – I have yet to meet a person who tolerates lentils and grapefruit as much as you do.

9.  One of these days, I will convert you to the sweet side of chocolates, whipped cream, and slush puppies.  No more Mr Fitness Freak!

10.  I want to ride on your motorbike, and not in a dirty way…:P