Back to Blogging! (and Back to Mac :D)

After a lengthy hiatus – most of it due to my stupidity of spilling water all over my MBP and electrocuting it – I am finally back. This past year has kept me busy, but I am officially on leave for 2 weeks so I can dedicate some time to my blog, which I feel I need to keep going to justify the money I pay to WordPress each year.

It took me over 6 months to replace my MBP and I’ve learned some good lessons from this.

  1. Insurance is there to limit the risk, not so that I can make money off the insurer based on the likelihood of making a claim.
    I decided not to insure my MBP because “what the heck for?”. My household items are covered and I rarely take it outside the house. I acted based on what I thought was the probability of something happening, as opposed to the value of the item. As it turns out, people spill water / liquids on computers all the time, and MacBooks are notoriously expensive to repair. In my case it was dead on arrival.
  2. Waiting for “What if there is a better special next time?” is not a good way to do shopping.
    Before I got my MacBook Air, there was a R4K special on the 2017 12″ MacBook. I did not get it because I knew Black Friday was coming and there could be other discounts. Well, it came and the laptop I wanted was not on special. Closer to Christmas time, the 2018 MacBook Air was on sale for R1.5K cheaper, and I thought… maybe I should wait till January. But there is no guarantee that the price will come down much from the current retail price and at this stage, I had been without a laptop for half a year. Yikes!
    And so I decided to just get it because waiting for a special is similar to thinking there is a better man out there for me. There definitely is, but sadly no certainty as to when that will come, and I am not prepared to wait another day.
  3. No point getting the old  model – there is a reason why they are so heavily discounted.
    When the new MacBook Air came out, Apple placed a massive sale on the 2017 MacBook Air (R10K vs R20K on the new model). I had the biggest internal debate because that is a huge price differential. In the end, I decided not to get the old model because, in actual fact, the 2017 model worked off a 2014 processor, had a keyboard that did not work so well, and had old ports that were quickly being phased out and replaced by USB-C.

Of course, there is one last logical fart that I have not addressed, which is the absurdity of wanting an Apple computer over another brand. But I do love my Apple products and how they sync so beautifully with each other. Not to mention I have one in pink gold. *Swooooon*


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