Core Skills 2 – African Night

Day three started with a sore throat and a slight feeling of nausea. The situation was worsened by the fact that training began at 7:30am and ran until 7pm! You see, at home, I’m the kind of person who adheres to a strict “10 pm bedtime” rule; when I deviate from it two days in a row, my body departs from its normal course and starts behaving irrationally. Still, I managed to soldier on. In fact, my group (which we aptly named “Buckwild”) did so well in the day’s activities that we came in third. :D

Gladiators… Are you ready???!!!

Probably the most hilarious activity of them all. There was this one dude (whom shall not be named) that:

1) took forever to get on the thing, and

2) when he eventually steadied himself and took the first shot, he immediately lost his balance and fell flat on his face, without his opponent having to do anything at all.

Major fail. (Imagine Neville Longbottom being hit with the Stupify curse.)

Ewwww, sorry, I’m lactose intolerant.

This one was called “Disgusting Dunking”. Why? Because we had to dunk our heads in a bucket of SOUR MILK, grab an apple with our teeth then race to the other side and drop the apple in a bucket of flour.

Some girl dropped more than just her apple. She (apparently) also chundered right into the flour bucket. Nice. Luckily the race only required four brave volunteers, so I was spared from having to do any disgusting dunking. Whew!

Brains over Braun

I couldn’t remember what this game was called, but it was a mix of Tic-Tac-Toe and Checkers (I think?). The important thing to know is that my group won against our opponents. :P

Other activities for that day included paintball shooting, 30 Seconds, and soccer (which I totally sucked). We managed to finish all six, so it was definitely an improvement on the previous day.

Beautiful Decor


By the time dinner rolled around, I was feeling quite ill. I didn’t even change into my traditional outfit which I brought especially for this occasion. I wasn’t even in the mood for face painting :(

Nevertheless, I tried to enjoy the sheer beauty of the venue. And just when I thought the food couldn’t get any better, it did. It was probably the best night in terms of deliciousness, and I sampled as much of everything as I could stomach.

On top of the fantastic table display, the array of multi-coloured wonders, and copious amounts of scrumptious food, there were performances by traditional Africans which were simply amazing.


:O ~








An authentic, artistic, alluring, African


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