I’ll give you a job if you’ll give me a job.


I started my articles this week. You might be wondering why I’m not buried waist deep in donkey work – the truth is, none has been assigned to me. I spent the morning doing admin related things. Being part of a global organisation meant a tonne of conformity. I had to complete online courses the values of which were unclear to me but hey, at least they count towards my learning hours.

I’m sure the slavery will start soon enough so it’s best to enjoy the idle time while I still have it. The firm is pretty neat and everyone seems friendly enough. The atmosphere isn’t too claustrophobic and there are surprisingly few “suits” here. Even though the dress code is not as strict as some of the other Big Four firms, I still struggle to string together an outfit. Today I’m wearing a shirt that is pretty low-cut, but no-one has said anything. Must be my lack of cleavage – I knew it would come in handy one day!

One of the great things about E&Y Cape Town is that we don’t have to choose a sector. We are not confined to one industry and thus, we get a lot more exposure in terms of variety and variability. I’ve been allocated to Engen (Oil & Gas), Truworths (Retail), and UCT (Education) – which are completely different to each other. I hope the provisional planning doesn’t change because I am really happy with my clients. *fingers crossed*

In unrelated news: I’ve been driving my car for a couple of weeks now and it has already accumulated a few scratches and bruises. Nothing major though! I still struggle with the gears sometimes (such as pulling off on an incline in second gear, or putting it in third instead of fifth). But I’m still alive, so all is well in noob-ville.



  1. >I’m wearing a shirt that is pretty low-cut, but no-one has said anything.

    They might not have said anything, but they’re looking. Trust me.

    >it has already accumulated a few scratches and bruises.
    What did you knock into?


    1. First one was my fault. I brushed against a pillar while reversing.

      Second was partially my fault. Wanted to park close to the sidewalk but there was a stupid tree trunk that jutted out (didn’t see it) so it scratched my wheels :<

      Oh, uh, haha there is not much too look at :)

  2. Oi… What did your father say when he saw the scratches? Was he disappointed? And did your mother cry?

    Also, are there lots of hot single guys where you work?


  3. Dad was in the car with me. He didn’t yell. Mom doesn’t know :p

    Um yes there are quite a few cute ones :) Not sure if they are single. Probably not :(


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