I never realised how hard this would be
What comes naturally to others is a stumbling block for me
I watch them move with such ease
Like performers on a flying trapeze
But every time I try, I don’t succeed.

Whose fault it is, I’m never so sure
I wish and pray there might be a cure
To rid my bad fortune and give me a chance
To prove myself worthy of a real romance
But instead, loneliness I endure.

I’ve tried to be naughty, I’ve tried nice
I’ve danced with fire and drunk with ice
It wasn’t enough; I was one step behind
Moving backward, my love’s in rewind
I’ve done my best and it didn’t suffice.

Time is nobody’s fool – the joke will be on me
If I surrender to my Insecurity
Where to from here? I do not know
Can’t suppress the feeling of vertigo
I’m scared, you see, of injury.


    1. hahaha, this is the part where I go “If you’re hot, young, white, into computers, and in cape town – come over and I’ll show you my naughty side ;)” and you go “Aw, I’m average looking, approaching 40, not that great with computers and in JHB” :p

  1. Any reason for the preference, if I may ask? I personally find caucasian women more attractive than others, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t date an asian/coloured/black/indian girl. Race isn’t a big deal for me…


    1. How do you rationalise attraction? It’s just something you feel. Sometimes for no rhyme or reason. There’s also a slight difference between ‘going on a date’ and ‘being in a relationship’.

  2. So to summarise, you fail? ;-P

    If you didn’t succeed,
    You didn’t do your best
    Since you’re still complaining
    Perhaps it’s time to give it a rest
    Find the very next man and just breed


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