Chance to win (for me, not you)

I’ve been following (somewhat religiously) this really cool, awesome, and thought-provoking blog called You Are Not So Smart. The owner of the site has since published a book (actually, I’m not sure if it’s published or if it’s still in the pipeline) but the point is, as part of his promotional strategy, he is giving away something FOR FREE. From Think Geek no less!

Not really sure what this is, or does, but it's marked $99.99 - Hell yeah, I want one (if it's free)! Hmm, wonder if the geek's included? :p

Now, I’m sure you all know how much I adore free things. They make me *happy* – more so than chocolates and smoothies (individually, not together… obviously). In order to qualify for an entry to winning this Free Thing, I have to embed his book trailer (I had no idea such a thing even existed until today but I digress) in my blog. The trailer isn’t badly made. In fact, I really appreciate how it brings up the dialogue, because the person voicing it pronounces “because” and “want” in a really obscure manner. (I’m allowed to make fun of his accent because I have one too, so nobody can call me accentist, or something.)

Anyways, not to be sidetracked, this post is dedicated to my minute chance at winning the Free Thing.

Edit: Oops, almost forgot to embed that video. *doh* Here it is:


  1. Amy

    The gadget is a mind flex game. You control it with a headset that uses a type of EEG technology to read the intensity of your brainwaves. When I first saw it, I felt like a little child staring at that red BMX bicycle in the shop window. Which is rather coincidental, considering the fact that ThinkGeek has it listed under geek-kids > 7-13-years. There weren’t any cool toys like this when I was a kid. :-/

    Oh well, C’est la vie…


  2. Thanks for the comments :) The draw took place sometime last week and I didn’t win (Not that I expected to win) Anyways, I suppose that does sound pretty cool – I mean, who /wouldn’t/ want a headset that can read brainwaves? Wonder if it comes in pink? :p


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