The Magic of Being You

//I just feel like sharing this, so here it is. Even though the subject is a girl, I swear I have no lesbian tendencies! I can’t even remember why I wrote this in the first place =/ It was *ages* ago.

If stars could tender speak,
Your name they’d softly call
Their voices nectar sweet,
Their passion pure and raw.
Leaving the Night behind,
From skies they’d gladly fall
One by two by three,
Gathering at your door.

Against your charms
The Moon hides itself in shame
For even the greatest
Will have nothing to proclaim.
As time unwinds
More bodies you inflame,
A touch of your sweet lips
And the whisper of your name.

All the Kings’ jewels cannot replace
The magic sparkle in your eyes.
Like a rainbow
They have the power to mesmerize.
So delicate and soft
You move with the grace of a butterfly –
Beyond the boundaries,
Gravity, you’re able to defy.

Your infinite allure
Cannot wither or stale.
Jealous be to the Gods
For their beauty you make pale.
Towards your horizon
Men hopelessly sail,
If only to catch a glimpse
Of your heavenly detail.

Even Angels would
Have their celestial wings torn,
To be fallen from Grace
And upon the earth reborn.
Uncaring of God’s wrath
Or Devil’s horn
They just want to be at your side,
They forsworn.

Mere mortals cannot withstand
The forces of your power.
You, who can seize the world in a hand
And change infinity to an hour.

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