Sunset Shoot

I’m sure you all remember the wonderful Tiffany who did the amazing Rhodes Memorial photoshoot from a while back- Since then, she’s done numerous shoots with various people and acquired some fancy camera equipment/accessories to boot. I definitely regard her as a “professional” because her work truly is amazing (definitely not amateurish at all!)  When she asked if I would volunteer again for a Sunset Shoot at Tokai Forest, I instantly jumped at the opportunity to have more gorgeous pics taken (and to spend a couple of quality hours with Tiffs and her hubby, Ross).

The weather was a tad chilly, but the lighting was to die for! The location Tiffles picked was -beautiful-! I’d never been to Tokai before so it was a nice change of scenery – There weren’t any mainroad taxis for one, and that’s always a plus! There were quite a number of people jogging/dog-walking nearby and I couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious… I don’t really like attention all that much (it’s true!) so when Ross asked me to walk down the somewhat busy road, I couldn’t help but hide my face behind Tiffany’s hat. >_<

I’ve stolen a couple of pics from Tiffany’s Blog:

-love- the foresty background

One of the BEST parts about Tiff's shoots is that her vision generally incorporates many delicious treats, which I get to pose with (and consume during or afterwards :D)

How amazing is the light? I Wish I could scoop up the sunshine and keep it in my pocket

Rest of the pics are here : )

I really had the best time – what a lovely break from all the studying. (Ross was quite the comedian but nothing made me laugh more than that time when he tried to rub the dirt off of my white boots!)


    1. I was going to wait until after my horrid Saturday test to blog about the shoot but I couldn’t wait that long. Just HAD to share your amazing photos!

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