Weekly Ramblings

Seeing as I don’t have enough time to do a *proper* blog post, I figured I’d share some of my daily drivel in case people are taking my absence as indicative of my having encountered some horrible accident and was left paralyzed like that poor extra in the filming of Transformers 3.

I’m in the last week of study leave and as bad luck would have it, my wisdom tooth decided to misbehave right before exams. Past experiences tells me the pain (which ranges from a 5 to a 7 on the pain-o-meter) usually lasts a week. Normally, I would have my parents fret around and make gooey food for me, but they’re still stuck in the Hole, doing renovations or some-such. Not wanting to study with a huge pain in my mouth, I decided it was time for a medical intervention.

I’m not a huge fan of pain-meds. I don’t really have a reason other than I think I should suck it up and toughen up because people in the Middle Ages didn’t have Myprodols. I know the reasoning is flawed and logically inconsistent, but it’s how I’ve always viewed things.

Anyways, I get to the nearest pharmacy and there was a long-ass queue with only one pharmacist on duty. By the time I got the Myprodols, the pain suddenly dropped from a 7 to a 2. (Wtf?) So now I’m in the inconvenient position of having a dull ache that’s painful enough to be annoying but not enough to warrant a Myprodol. Great.

In other news, studying is slow going. I don’t get why they give us 3 weeks of study leave when the brain’s only capable of retaining temporary information for 10 days [not scientifically proven and lacks citation but I reckon it’s close enough]. So Katy Perry released her Last Friday Night music video and she definitely went full retard in it. She even hired retarded extras like that wheel-chair guy from Glee, and Rebecca Black.

Edit: OHOHOH Forgot to mention: 100th post! Wow now I feel lame for talking about my wisdom. ¬_¬


  1. But the point of studying is not to forget it all after 10 days, or after you’ve written exams. It isn’t temporary information… It’s stuff you need to remember forever, so you can carry it forward to the next level of your education or profession.


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