Exams are coming up pretty soon so I won’t have time to write much. (Well, actually they are still a month and a half away but it feels like they are just around the corner!) Instead of putting the blog on hiatus, I thought I’d post some of the poems I had written in the past. This one’s titled: The Real Me

If you really knew me, you would know
That the smile I have is just for show.
Plastered on a porcelain face,
Is a facade none could ever trace.

If you really heard me, you would hear
The hidden thoughts, the untold fears.
And how I wish your hand would
Brush away my invisible tears.

If you really saw me, you would see
That underneath the surface
Lies a temper more tempestuous
Than a lover’s green-eyed jealousy.

If you really felt me, you would feel
A touch of more than what is real.
I’ve an emptiness only you can fill,
But you never do, and you never will.

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