Remember that guy?

Many months ago, I wrote about this guy who dropped out of varsity in his final year of BSc Computer Science so that he could join the British Army. Well, he ended up going to Britain after all (but didn’t make it as far as the army itself).  After undergoing all the physical training, he decided that the army wasn’t for him (surprise!) – luckily he didn’t give up right then and there. He applied to various jobs including an IT position at Toys ‘R Us, but alas, even Toys ‘R Us required someone with a degree. So he came home and is now studying towards some computer-related diploma.

His step-siblings weren’t much better. The sister, who was in her fifth year of a 3-year degree, decided to drop out in the last quarter so that she could start pilot training. Monkey see monkey do coupled with a never ending supply of cash from D-A-D-D-Y’s bank account meant the freedom to do whatever they wanted and not have a single worry. The other brother was even worse. He spent 2 years bumming around, playing computer games all day before finally deciding to do something with his life and joined a volunteer paramedic service… until his dad bought him and his siblings a flat in Balito. After relocating, he discovered that there weren’t any paramedic services in Balito (Oh noes!), and now he’s gone back to the obligatory splashing of money at parties and playing video games.

It’s times like these that makes me wonder how parents can spoil their children so much so that they (the children) lose all sense of responsibility and focus. They probably will never run out of money to spend, and they will never experience the hardships that many people face on a daily basis. But how fulfilling will their lives be if they never have to work for anything and see it to the finish?

Hearing their stories really made me thankful of my parents. Sure, they were protective and doting, but they were never truly excessive. Granted, they didn’t have the means to give me a luxurious lifestyle; but I think even if they could, they wouldn’t be so careless as to leave me to do whatever I wanted.

My parents turned 50 a couple of months ago. They didn’t have a party or even spend it with loved ones. They bought a cake and cooked supper, and spent the day just like any other… and it saddened me. I’ve come across so many Asian kids whose parents have simply left and gone back to China because they couldn’t handle being in a foreign country with few friends, no family and bad tasting food. Recently, I met a 16 year old girl who had to get her ex-boyfriend to sign as her legal guardian because her parents packed up and left. That could easily have been me.

I am truly blessed to have such loving parents who work day and night catering for my needs. The sacrifices they made, and continue to make, are immense. Perhaps in a way, I am just as spoiled as that guy – but unlike him, I would never take the things I have for granted.

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