Best flatmate in the world

Reasons why I love my flatmate Airo:

1. She’s super easy to get along with

2. She makes me breakfast on days when she’s not rushing to get to lectures, and she writes cute messages on pink heart-shaped post-it notes


3. She lets me use her super fancy (and expensive) MAC nail polish

4. She brings home a tonne of Chinese foodstuffs from JHB and cooks up a storm

5. She gave me her funky I <3 NY tie… I’m sure I’ll find a use for this :p

I <3 NY

6. She got me a bottle of perfume that smells absolutely wondrous!

(Edit: Upon further research, it turns out that it is a fragrance by Lancome =o)

Hypnose Senses

7. She buys Lindt chocolates in bulk and shares it with everyone

8. She gets dessert from Woolies and refuses to let me pay for them

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