BEP Days 4 and 5

The last 2 days of BEP went by in a jiff. Thursday kicked off with a Q & A session with the auditing clerks, and in between numerous questions, we managed to gauge a salary bracket out of them… and boy, was it depressing! The starting net salary for a first year clerk is just below the R6 000 p.m mark, which barely covers rent, car and food; never mind the luxuries. However, they do get 2 increases in the first year, so at least there will be something to look forward to.

Next up, we had a lego building session – with a twist. Only one person in the group got to see a 2D picture of a model we were supposed to build. She must then direct the builders on how to fit all the pieces together without physically touching any of the blocks. The builders couldn’t talk so they could only rely on the information that was communicated to them. The remaining two members were the negotiators. Sounded like a cool title right? Well, it actually turned out to be the most boring role. I was the negotiator in my group because I had to rush to the WC while the rest decided on who must do what, so I didn’t have much choice. My job was basically to run to the other groups and negotiate the parts we were missing (we pretty much had everything already so that was a rather boring exercise). However, it was a great team building game and I think we all ended up learning something valuable.

The other fun activity for that day was the pub quiz. The categories varied quite nicely and the question were weird, wacky and wonderful. The quiz was then followed by drinks and those who stayed on had a nice chat with some of the clerks.

Friday was a relatively short day (we finished at 1 \o/). We had some time to prepare for our presentation and it was really entertaining to see everyone’s pitches. There were cross-dressers, wigs, funny videos and a whole lot of laughter that came with them.

The prize giving was next and I was just happy that I didn’t have to go home empty handed. I actually got some pretty cool stationery and a slab of chocolate.

All in all, it was an amazing week. I had such a wonderful experience that it made me not dread the upcoming years of slave labour and torture.

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