BEP Day 3

This is going to be a relatively short post because I am utterly exhausted – not so much by the day’s events, but rather by the 60 minutes I spent in traffic when the trip should have taken 15. Watching the numerous taxis speed past in the yellow lines didn’t help improve my mood either.

We drove all the way to Paarl today to tour the Tiger Brands factories. We were able to see the inside of their warehouses and production plants, as well as how their products (namely jam) were made from start to finish. It was an interesting process to observe and I was surprised at how clean and tidy everything was.

We then went to Paarl mall for lunch and got back to the office around mid afternoon. The rest of the day was covered by some talks and an impromptu public speaking session.

Right now, I’m busy working on a business proposal which I have to present on Friday. Will upload the presentation when I’m done.


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