My fortunes I have counted, and they’re great –
Better than most I undoubtedly rate.
Then why must unhappiness follow me so?
Why do I silently curse my fate?

Family and friends, they love me plenty.
But what of that? My heart is still empty.
When did I lose myself? When did I fall
Into the black pits of insanity?

My craziness, though subtle, is there
Can they see it? Do they bother to care?
Loneliness has always been a friend –
Not anymore. It has left me in despair.

Nobody sees the depth of my sorrow.
Outside it’s all smiles, inside I’m hollow.
I live each day contemplating the joys
Of there not being another tomorrow.

I look at the self destructing weapon and sigh.
First cut’s the hardest – do I dare to try?
I submit to the hands of chance and wonder
Will the giver of life run or let dry?


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