Useless Body Parts

When I was a teeny bobber, I had the notion that everything existed for a reason.  Never mind what the “reason” might have been, I was convinced that nothing on the planet was in excess.  Since then, I had grown taller, wiser, and gained a whole new perspective.

I have identified three things that are completely superfluous, and quite frankly, I think evolution should take its course and rid our bodies of the following:

1. The appendix – Honestly, why do we even have this thing which serves no purpose other than to cause death by infection?  Sure, it might have been used to digest leaves when we were still primates, but we are not hairy, veggie-eating herbivores anymore.  I reckon the sooner our bodies get rid of this silly non-functional organ, the better.

2. Unwanted hair – I realise some people suffer from “the shiny patch syndrome” aka baldness, the rest of us are cursing and swearing every time we have to go to a beauty salon and fork out R150 for a professional leg wax; or fork out R40 for a do-it-yourself hair removal procedure which can turn out to be rather technical and time-consuming.  Not to mention the after-burns and in-grown hairs…it’s just a down right nuisance.

3. Wisdoms – Mine have been growing for about 3 years, and I’m still waiting for the bottom 2 to shoot out.  Like the appendix, they serve no purpose whatsoever, apart from giving me headaches and swollen gums.

Of course, all these can be resolved by surgery and laser treatments, but that is not the point.


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