Best. Party. Ever.

Last weekend was the 3rd annual Masquerade trance party hosted by Alien Safari on a wine estate 15km outside of Stellenbosch. My friends and I rocked up at around 2pm and lazed around for a couple of hours. The boys made use of the free dam service (i.e. swimming), drank a few cans of beer and proceeded to scout out the craft market which consisted of a couple of tents filled with random hippy artefacts. Meanwhile, I was busy getting myself accustomed to the delicate usage of portable toilets which were somewhat fascinating as they had flush “pedals” instead of “handles”. They were also filled with a dark blue liquid that very much resembled the Handy Andy cleaning agent – only, they didn’t smell as fresh.

While waiting for the stage to be set up, my friend (Chris) diligently rolled a couple of super potent joints and initiated stage 1 of the tripping act. The rest of us (read: the less hard core of us) stuck to the good ol’ vodka and red bull/coke, and managed to get quite wasted before the first beat of music sounded.

18h00: The party started. (I knew this from the sudden appearance of hundreds of hippies dressed in their multi-coloured rags. The dreads and lack of shoes were also dead giveaways.) I was surprised at how much I enjoyed dancing to trance music. Maybe it was just the alcohol coursing through my veins, but whatever the case, I went absolutely crazy.

21h00: Chris decided it was time to try out the R450 magic mushrooms. He and Sascha both had 2 grams while Ross and I had a gram each. I was the only one unaffected by the shrooms, probably because my inebriation cancelled out the effects. At any rate, it was funny seeing my friends trip. Ross, in particular, spent close to 30 min trying to convince me to drink hot chocolate because the hallucinations started immediately after he drank a cup of hot chocolate, and was somehow convinced that the hot chocolate was the reason why he was seeing “things”. The convo went like this:

Ross: “Amy, let me buy you a cup of hot chocolate.”
Me: “No, I don’t like that stuff.”
Ross: “PLEASE! Just drink some! I promise you’ll start seeing things.”
Me: “…No.”
(repeat cycle)
Ross: “You’re being very unsupportive…”
Me: “WTF?!?!”

0h00: Two girls and two guys started fire spinning (they wore nothing but their underwear). It was by far the coolest (live) act I have ever seen. The hotness (both literally and figuratively) was insane. Justin, who had been to 6 other trance parties and seen various pyro-shows, admitted that that routine was by far the best.

03h00: Went back to the dance floor.

05h00: Finally passed out on the grass.

The only regret I have is not taking my camera.
SO…I’ll just upload some pics from the lumo party I went to earlier in the year (because I can).





trish alice amy

trish alice amy


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