10 things about 10 people (round 2)

Basically, it’s a list of 10 descriptions that are applicable to 10 people in my life (both online and offline).  No names are mentioned, of course, so you might or might not be featured on the list. However, I will reveal one thing: Some of the descriptions are of those who have visited my blog. (-: Happy guessing.

1. We’ve known each other only for a short while, and during this time, you’ve been an incredible friend to me. You are one of the sweetest, kindest person on the planet, and your sense of humour is unparalleled (read: weird :P).

2. Despite the fact that you smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish, you’re still one of the coolest, smartest, craziest, most confident, freckle-faced Gandalf addict on the planet.

3. I will never forget the day you came to sit next to me on the Jammie. Maybe it was fate that brought us together (and I’m not a big believer in predestination) but whatever the case, I’m really glad that we started talking because I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to see me through the highs and lows of first year. (:

4. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years and I hope we will remain friends for at least 50 more. But sometimes I wish you would stop being difficult and just try to get along with all my other friends. If I wanted to juggle friendships, I would’ve joined a circus.

5. I think you’re complicated.

6. If I’d the power to cheat time, sweet time, I’d use it to make my reality sublime/ Would it be unfair, would it be a crime, to want you in this little heart of mine?//

7. You are the worst jinx ever! I’ve never seen so many bad things happen to one person in such a short period of time. Nevertheless, our group made it through the trials and tribulations without too much trouble. Maybe this year will be better and you won’t have to scrape dried-up vomit-encrusted nachos off your floor at 5 in the morning.

8. I’m not quite sure what happened to us or why you disappeared. I’ve written you over 10 letters, none of which were replied to. Well, at least you made the list. I miss you.

9. I really really really love riding in your R350k BMW. :-)

10. It’s too bad that you had to move away. Apart from a few technicalities, we would’ve been perfect for each other.


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