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Life is all about phases. You have your normal eat-drink-and-party-until-3am-or-else-you-are-lame phase; the omg-I-need-to-have-sex aka I’m-an-idiot phase; the all too frequent GBLT-sexuality-confusion phase; and the emo/goth/manic depressive phase; et cetera.

Recently, through what must be divine intervention, I found myself irresistably drawn towards the art of baking. Just to put things into perspective, prior to the start of this phase, I have never attempted anything more complex than put rice in a pressure cooker, or baked anything that turned out semi-edible. Nevertheless, a phase is a phase, and phases do not disappear with an application of will. So, I gathered all the ingredients and got down to business.

Attempt #1:

gingerbread man

gingerbread man

Perfection personified…apart from the missing head of course. :D

Okay, so I didn’t bake the gingerbread man (just wanted to post some funnies), but I did bake the awesome peanut-butter choc-chip biscuit.



I realise they are somewhat bumpy and disfigured, but they taste pretty good (=

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