And in other news…

* I started jogging this week because … well, I’m getting fat. After only 3 days of jogging, my muscles are already screaming in agony, and I can barely walk without some form of assistance. I guess all the years of being a couch potato has finally caught up. *sigh* Moral of the story? Don’t buy your children TVs and computers. Ever.

* Diamond mines have so much fail. One company recently bought the digging rights to a site near the Big Hole. However, there is one tiny glitch to their master-dig-plan. The surface land on top of the site still belongs to De Beers, which effectively means no digging unless De Beers gives the OK. Lulz.

*  I have officially lost the plot of Heroes 3. The pilot episode of the new season does not tie in with last season’s ending. The storyline is jagged and the constant present-future switching needs some serious refinement.

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