Worst day ever: 9/11

Not sure if this is a coincidence but 9/11 (yesterday) just happens to be my worst day ever, and it has nothing to do with plane hijackings, tower crashings and gory death.
1. Slipped on a puddle of water and hurt my knee. (I have bruises to show for it)
2. Walked into a glass door (still not sure how that happened, but anyways…)
3. Lost my key and student card (If I don’t find them with in 24 hours, I will have to fork out R300 for the key and R60 for the card, ghey.)
4. Have been broke since Sunday, which meant that I’ve been skipping lunch for the past week (fasting ftl)
Hopefully, my luck will revoluntionalize itself next week.
*fingers crossed*

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