Talk of the Month

The US presidential election has certainly captured the attention of the general public. The Obama Vs Clinton battle was nothing short of epic. Now the race is on between Republicans and Democrats.

After bagging the Republican VP position, Sarah Palin has become the talk of the month, and news of her pregnant teenage daughter unsurprisingly added more fuel to the already blazing fire. For many, Palin seems to be the obvious partner for McCain. For others, it was a matter of experience. It is impossible to overlook the fact that Biden (the Democrate VP candidate) is an 8 term senator while Palin is an 18 month governor whose only previous experience was being the mayor of a small town with population 9 000.

Palin is undoubtedly a determined woman set out to win, which brings me to the pregnancy scandle. As we all know, Palin’s 17 year old daughter, Bristol, is expecting her first child with boyfriend whats-his-name. Having a baby at such a young age is a frightening experience. I sometimes wonder if politicians make their daughters do these things simply because they are ‘the right things to do’. Having a teen pregnant daughter is bad enough, but if the daughter had an abortion, it would be even worse. Same with the marriage deal. What if the daughter isn’t ready to make such a life-altering decision? Did Palin coerce Bristol into marrying the father so that it won’t conflict with her political agendas?



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