Not one, but many

There are few things in the world which everyone does. Breathing is one of them. Thinking about the future is another. Employment, marriage and children are the three pillars of our future. We all want a good job and spouse, but the right number of children to have is debatable.

If I ever live long enough to experience the excruciating pain of giving birth, I wouldn’t do it just once, but twice. Some might call that crazy, I call it an end to loneliness. My friends used to marvel at the joys of being a single child. Not having to share the bathroom, wear hand-me-down clothing, and always be the second best is great. Having both your parents’ attentions devoted to you is better. But there is one thing that will negate the benefits of all of the above, and make being an only child an absolute nightmare: Loneliness.

When your parents are at work, and there is nothing for you to occupy your time with, the only adjective I can think of to describe that occurance is gradual insanity. Because slowly but surely, you start to lose focus of life and living. You get sucked deeper into the dark abyss of anti-social behaviour in which there is no light, no escape, and no saviour.

I have spent many years in solitude, with just a few books to keep me company. Over-protective parents limited the amount of social exchange I get to experience. I wasn’t allowed to go out by myself and having friends over required days of persuation. Of course, having a sibling is not, and will never be a substitute of social interaction, but it sure makes life a lot easier to live.

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