broke, but not yet broken

As of 1200 hours today, I am officially broke. I emptied out my wallet and solemnly watched my pieces of silver filter out of the pocket. There were 8 of them in total. Great. Enough to buy a chocolate and 2 lollipops. I tried not to think about my monetary status as I happily chewed on my Question. Slowly but surely, the inevitable question formed in my mind: How will I survive in this highly competitive world with only 50 cents to my name? Of course, if my name were indeed 50 Cents, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about, but alas! I’m the infamous, not the famous one.

The phone call to my parents ended on a rather depressing note. They promised to send me money (yay) in the form of a cheque (boo) which needed 5 days to clear (/wrists). So I have to wait a full week with nothing but my 50 cent coin. That was when ideas started snow-balling in my overly creative mind. Maybe I should get a rich boyfriend so that he could buy me chocolates. I entertained the thought for a while and decided against it. After all, I have standards.

So what can a growing 18 year old do when the said teenager has no money, no contacts, and no food? Starving looked pretty good in light of the alternative – Royal Sechaba food. [Note to reader: the ‘Royal’ in the name is highly misleading in that the food they serve is of peasant standards.]

Every cloud has a silver lining. Being broke is the perfect opportunity for me to lose those kay gees. So while I go through my de-tox week, and consume nothing but water, I ask readers [you] to kindly donate some monies to my paypal account. After all, saving an innocent soul from starving will do wonders to your own soul. *wink wink*

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