The best invention ever.

After my last post about the worst convention, I thought it would be fitting to dedicate this one to the best invention… *Drum-roll* FREEBIES! Ok, so maybe it’s not an invention per se, but whoever came up with the idea of giving away free stuff to randomers definitely deserves a kudu or two.

Last week marked the beginning of a marketing campaign for various top corporations in South Africa and around the world, such as: KPMG, Deloittes, PWC, Alan Gray, and such like. And what would marketing be without free giveaways? So as representatives set up stalls on the Menzies level of Leslie Social, my feet diligently walk to the back of the line where my hands can graciously receive: a free mug, free cuppacinno, free ruler, post-it notes, ice tea, popcorn, et cetera. At that moment, I felt happy. My utility had been maximized.

Getting something for close-to-nothing is ftw. You might argue that this sort of mind-set is extremely dangerous in that nothing in life is for free. Those who didn’t sleep through Economics 1 can tell you: opportunity costs are implicit in whatever we do. By committing ourselves to a lifestyle of freebies, we are wasting valuable time, energy and possibly attention.

Then again, who cares about endless queues when free mugs are just a couple of bodies away? Who cares about missing lectures when one can play the PS3, and the much aclaimed Wii? As I finish off this post, one thought continues to race through my infected mind: I wonder what freebies I’ll be getting tomorrow.

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